My Unique Starter System

How To Stand Out, Sell, Lead, Connect & Train Your Younique™ Team With One Simple Personal Branding Tool.

I Want To Give You Your Own Website That Is An Email Marketing, Lead Capturing,
List Building, Recruit Training Marketing Machine (AND THE TRAINING TO USE IT).

Dear Younique™ Leader,

fullsizerender-2Selling makeup while building a winning team that sells, recruits and performs month in and month out CAN happen with effective leadership. If you are like me, you are juggling a household, maybe a job, trying to be a great wife, raising perfect kids, and oh yeah, running and growing a profitable business through Younique.™

Maybe you’ve become overwhelmed by all you have do, and you are looking for a way to make things easier and streamlined.

Feel like you are constantly herding cats, having trouble getting focused, and growing frustrated everyday with your business?

Read on…

Being successful in your business takes not only selling makeup, but being able to recruit and replicate new people every month, which takes precious hours of training, encouraging, and leading your own team to new heights of success.

Let’s think about what it takes to bring just one new person in your organization up to speed:

• Find her.
• Convince here it is a good idea.
• Provide her with material explaining the concept.
• Finding the time to meet with her for a follow up meeting.
• Direct her to where she can sign up.
• Help her set up online and answer any questions she has.
• Explain the back end of Younique AND what all the terms mean.
• Show her how to use Facebook to set up a party.
• Help her host an in-person party.
• Answer a stream of the same questions you’ve answered hundreds of times before in the recruit training process.
• All the while motivating her along with your other team members so they don’t become discouraged and quit.
• And that’s just the start … now you have to continue to train so she stays engaged.

We all know it can be overwhelming and frustrating to replicate your work again and again and again (and again). This is hard work! This is especially true if you have kids hanging on your legs, refusing to be quiet during work time, or carting them around to meet at Starbucks.

Really, It’s enough to wear out any girl.

I’m speaking from experience …

Sometimes I Feel Like Crying And Giving Up.

I ask myself, “How can I do it all?”

As they say time is money, and I found I didn’t have enough time to do everything necessary to stand out in the crowd. Yes, I was making money, but I wanted to come home and be with my family. I needed to make more money.

I like to learn from others who have “been there and done that,” and I started to notice something with all the successful people in Younique.™

Not really a secret if you are paying attention, but they all did three things well:

1. They had a website
2. They captured leads on their website
3. They branded themselves.

When I noticed really successful Younique™ Presenters had more than the company website, and seemed to have their own web presence, I wanted what they had, but had no idea how to get it done, and no money to pay a high priced designer to do it.

Some offered to help me, but for thousands of dollars for a website, with an upsell in the thousands for their training selling the dream.

It’s what we all dream of right? We all want a group of women customers and our own organization who think we have it all together (Ha!) because we look professional while spinning multiple plates all at once while we rake in the money.

I needed a way to combine all the ingredients for success into a workable system that wasn’t going to break the bank, but that would allow me to have everything I needed to not only look like a pro, but to actually be on my journey to Black Status Presenter.

I needed to find tools that would help me achieve my goals while finding a way to help my team become successful too.

I have stumbled upon a completely new way of combining selling, recruiting, and training my team members in the least amount of time and I want to share it with you while making it extremely affordable…

Let Me Introduce You To The Man Next Door.

evans18This is Glen, my neighbor. When my family moved into a new neighborhood recently, my husband Luke mentioned Glen that I had this business with a company called Younique.™

He asked a simple question, “How does she market herself?”

Luke says, “I don’t know, Facebook or something.”

Glen replied, “Does she have a website? Does she use email marketing? How does she connect with her customers? How does she train her team members? Does she use video? Does she cross promote her content? Does she know about Facebook Ads? What about content marketing?”

Looking slightly confused and overwhelmed, Luke says, “I have no idea, you should probably talk to her.”

Glen said, “Please, please, please have her call me. What I have to tell her can change her business, not to mention her life.”

I thought Glen was just a nice guy who happened to work a job for a town nearby. What I found out is he is nice guy, but when when it comes to making money online, he is intense.

What I didn’t know was that he was making thousands of dollars per month on the side because he had figured out how to use the internet to brand himself and his services.

He Had Me At “Thousands Per Month.”

After texting a few times, we finally met up at Glen’s kitchen table.  After explaining his business models and how he depends on internet marketing, he said, “I don’t share this with many people, and I don’t mean to brag, but I quietly make thousands per month from the internet.”

Right out of the gate he asked, “Do you want to only sell makeup or do you want to be known as the go-to-girl expert in your field that everyone wants to follow?”

I began thinking how my business was way more than selling makeup.  I not only sell, but I recruit, train and lead women to build their business.

He said, “When you understand that the internet allows you to connect with many people while do many tasks on auto-pilot, you can build a really nice business.”

This has helped him get out of debt, buy a nice house, and go on nice vacations with his family, but also has helped him reach his wealth goals.

He also helps people build websites and teaches them about internet marketing, and has a speaking and consulting business too.

He said something about making himself his own brand.

He had my attention right then, but then he asked a very interesting question …

He asked, “How are you standing out from the crowd?”

I didn’t answer right away and just stared at him.

Sensing he had my attention, he continued, “What would you do if your company fell on hard times and had to close its doors? Would you have access to your customer lists so you could begin selling something new?”

I thought about the three years of struggle, pain, hard work, thousands of hours, and the trust I had built with thousands of women – all going up in smoke overnight – in the pit of my stomach I knew he was right.

My customer list, my circle, everything was in my company website and while the company is phenomenal, if they disappeared, my whole business was gone overnight – thousands of dollars would no longer be coming into the household.

I could see the wheels turning in his head, then he asked, “Would it be true that your business entails selling beauty products AND recruitment and training?”

Me: “Yep! I have to find people who are passionate and want to start their own business, and I want to do a great job of leading my team while serving my customers in a personal way.”

Glen says, “If you want to quit your job, and come home to your kids, then you will have to grow your business and …

“Really Become Unique”

He was talking about personal branding.

That night I bought my domain name (.net or .me work too) and he built a simple website that got the job done. It’s nothing fancy, it looks nice, but it helps me with my goals of easily pointing customers, recruits and team members to a central location.

He explained, “Nobody cares about flashy websites. Most people want it simple, clean and easy to get around. They want to get to where they need to go to connect with you – but it must look professional.”

My website has everything I need in one location:

  • A website with my name on it, my logo, my brand.
  • It has information about me and what I am doing.
  • It has links to my website (I just say go to
  • I can recruit new people by grabbing their email and automatically sending them videos that recruit others for me by telling their story.
  • I have my Fast Start Training system that runs on Auto-Pilot. I save hundreds of hours per month. I let my videos do the training for me.
  • Soon I will have my own training place on my website so my team can meet in private and discuss business!

We began working on a Fast Start Training system with the help of my friend Ali Kettering, a Black Status Presenter. Our goal was to make the training simple and easy to navigate and use. We didn’t realize how long it would take to create the system, the videos, the Facebook page – it took months!

But it was so worth it.

Now I can work on my business and not so much in my business – all the while building my own brand.

For the next several months, Glen taught me so much how to cheaply market my business by using:

  • personal branding
  • video marketing
  • content marketing
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Facebook marketing
  • using email to make connections
  • blogging
  • creating my own training system
  • streamlining my efforts
  • and creating time for myself

Most Girls Are Afraid Of Recruiting And Training – Now It Is Easy!

While it took time to learn all these things, I instantly saw the value of being able to tell people, “Go to my website and click on the Fast Start Training. It has everything you need to get going fast!”

I even have my very own built-in recruiting tool that sells The Opportunity for me…

“You are interested in selling Younique? Great, let me send you a few videos explaining how other ladies do this and then we will talk. What’s your email?”

All this is done on auto-pilot. Not only does my potential team member receive the videos that do the selling for me, but they also have my contact information and links to get signed up on my team! Right in the email!

Now I’m adding new girls effortlessly to my organization every month, and I have the ability to train them right through my website.

After talking to the girls on my team, I found we all share the same frustrating story of having lots to do, but not enough hours in the day to do them. So I asked Glen …

“Can We Help Other Younique™ Presenters Do This?”

He sat there staring at me. “You know how much work it’s going to be to get something like this set up?”

I just smiled and said, “Nope! But it needs to be really affordable and easy to do. Oh, and I need you to be their teacher.”

He said, “You have no idea what you’re asking. I’ll let you know.”

After researching for months, taking a few online classes, searching for the best possible option, pulling his hair out, and smashing a few computers, he texted me …

“Gretchen, We Can Help Younique™ Presenters Not Only Brand Themselves, But Give Them The Tools To Become Awesome Internet Marketers!”

He continued “You’ve got to come over!”

When I got there Glen was excited.

He explained that if we put all the blogs on one network, he could not only give presenters a great looking website, but could also:

  1. Provide a way to send emails to customers or team members,
  2. Capture emails right on the website, and
  3. Create a training community to teach anyone willing to learn how to market and profit online.

It’s Not Only Packed With Features, It’s Affordable – And there’s an opportunity for you to make money through our affiliate program.

Want to know more? Keep reading …

Introducing “My Unique Site Starter System”

Now You Can Easily Recruit Your Circle, Train Them, Brand Yourself,
Connect Whenever You Want & Market All From Your Very Own Website –
Plus We Will Train You How To Use The System Inside The Community.

You know, one of the best ways to stand out is to brand yourself with your own website. It’s called building a platform. How can you do this when you have so many other things to do?

You have to have something that isn’t too technical and can easily be set up and help you to continually move forward in your business.

Most women get into this business to make extra money, not to spend it all on a web guru to design a website or spend hard earned thousands learning how to use the internet to market yourself.

Usually, all the things you need to get started with personal branding are expensive:

▪ Website with blog ($1,000 – $5,000)
▪ If you can’t hire someone, knowledge to build and create (TIME=MONEY)
▪ Email Marketing System ($49 per month)
▪ Lead Capture System ($79 per month)
▪ Search Engine Optimization help (100s per month)
▪ Internet Marketing Training (1,000s of dollars and years of time)

Most people on my team are motivated, but trying to come up with that much money in one setting isn’t really practical, not to mention all the time involved just trying to learn this stuff.

What would you say if I told you I have an affordable answer to your many frustrations all in one place?

Things like:

  • Your own personally branded WordPress website & blog that you easily set up and control, so you can establish yourself as the professional, put-together leader others want to follow.
  • You want your website to display on desktops, iPads and mobile phones? Easy, with the theme we use.
  • Want to simply connect your website to all your social media accounts, so people can find your content everywhere? We show you how.
  • How about your own email marketing tool, so you can connect anytime with your lists (customer, recruit, or team) on demand 24/7/365? It’s built right into your website.
  • Need the ability to quickly capture email leads on your website and follow up easily with “Done For You” auto-pilot videos so you can grow your organization? We took care of that, it’s in there.
  • It took about 40 hours to create the Fast Start Training Video System. We’ve done the work for you and it is loaded on the website. Simply point your new team member to the link on your site, and they can go and learn at their own pace.
  • How does it work? Your circle members sign up and in 17 emails, we take them through all the videos on auto-pilot: We show them the back office, terms to know, and how to set up a Facebook party, our Facebook script, and much, much, more.
  • Have a question on how to do something on your website? No problem, watch a short, quick step-by-step video to help you through or contact us through a support ticket.

We’ve Thought Of Everything To Help You Succeed

Why Did I Create The “My Unique Site Starter System?”

That’s an easy one. Like you, I was frustrated, at the end of my rope, sick of repeating myself, and began asking myself if there was an easier way.

There are only 24 hours a day, and I was spending a majority of them spinning my wheels doing repetitive tasks.

My goal was to quit my job and be at home with my kids, but all I was doing was working in my business and not on my business.

I needed a way to attract new people to my organization, a way to find hours within my week, and a way to train brand new people in very important things to be successful.

I knew there was a better way, and it all began with taking control of my personal brand and becoming a consultant to my customers and a leader to my team.

Make It Easy For People To Follow You.

Have you ever been talking to a potential team member and said:

“Just go to to get signed up,”and sat expectantly waiting for the notification email that never came, losing a valuable potential team member forever?

I thought, “Wouldn’t it be better to say, “Just go to and magically they go to your sign up page, or just take their name and email, add it to your system, and auto send them recruiting videos of women telling their story?

How much time would that save?

Have you ever wanted to communicate with all your customers at once to tell them about an awesome upcoming sale but didn’t know how? Now just create a short newsletter and send it to your customer list.

How about communicating with your team members about an important sales technique? It’s easy with our system. Login to your personally branded website and shoot them an email.

I knew I wanted, no, I needed, a central location where everyone – prospects, clients, my circle, could come, check me out and get to where they needed to go while putting money in my pocket and growing my team.

What I’ve Created For Younique™ Presenters

I want to invite you to join, a personal branding and marketing tool/network/community for Younique™ Presenters that is not only simple and affordable, but robust enough to help you grow your Circle, serve your customers, and personally brand yourself online.

It is designed for a Presenter willing to learn a few simple tech skills that has been working hard, building a list of customers, and has added people to her Circle and is trying to present a more professional image as a personal consultant.

How It Works: Following the K.I.S. Principle

Keep It Simple … K.I.S.

Half the battle in building a website is finding a server, choosing a template, figuring out how to use your server, linking your email service, lead generation service, etc., blah, blah, boring stuff.

This is what usually stops someone from moving forward and getting something up and running that looks nice and works.

All this tech stuff bogs you down, and most people never get started. It is time consuming and frustrating, so we’ve shortened the learning curve for you.

The enemy of success for most people is they want something to be perfect before showing it to the world. We believe that when starting out, you should be focused on “good enough” and getting it out to the world as you learn the process – changes can always be made later.

With this in mind, we have taken out the challenges and obstacles of finding a server, a template, an email service, and a lead generator and have tried to make this as simple as painting by numbers.

In this business, it is more important to take baby steps before taking on larger expenses … learn how something works, so you can improve quickly with few obstacles. Consider this basic training for internet marketing.

When you sign up for My Unique Site Starter System, your website will be instantly generated with everything you need to be successful. However, there are a few details you will need to add to make it your very own. Don’t worry, we will show you how with our step by step videos…

Making It A Step By Step Process Over A Week

What We Do For You …

The goal is to make it as easy as possible and not overwhelming.

Once you make the investment, you will be taken to a very important couple of pages.

The first page is where you give us the domain name you have purchased ( and the login information to your domain name provider (like or, your first and last name, your email address, and your phone number in case we have questions.

It is important to give us accurate information, so we can point your domain to your new website and get your newsletter system running on your site.

What You Do For You …

After completing this form, you will be taken to the website registration page where you claim your website, create the name for your website (Your Name), and create your login information. It’s as simple as signing up for a Facebook page.

Once you sign up, wait 10 minutes, then check your email to confirm your website. If it doesn’t show up, simply check your email junk folder in 30 minutes, and click on the link to confirm your website.

Right away, you will receive an email with a video explaining how to quickly login and set up your website with the name and color scheme you want to use and how to attach it to your Younique ™ shop and join your Younique™ sponsor page at your site.

Over the next seven days, we will send you a short daily video explaining how to customize your site further, how to set up your email newsletter system, as well your email capture system.

Fifteen minutes a day, and you can have a website that is a marketing machine.

Then you will be part of the My Unique Site community. In the community, we will have webinars where we share internet marketing secrets, tips and tricks, search engine optimization, connecting your site to social media, using Facebook boosts and ads, video marketing, webinars and much more.

Who Shouldn’t Invest In My Unique Starter System?

This system isn’t for everyone.

• If you are satisfied with your status in the organizational structure and feel you have nailed internet marketing down to a science, this system might be too easy and elementary for you.

• If you are the type of person who has time and likes to spend countless hours figuring things out for yourself, then you might want to go it alone because we are looking for people who have a hunger to learn, share and help others in our community.

• Also, if you are making too much money and want to spend thousands of dollars on fancy or flashy websites, and can pay hundreds per month for expensive email systems, lead page systems, hosting, and a whole lot of other internet marketing tools, then this system probably won’t work well for you. Our system is easy and affordable (we’ve even given you a way to pay your monthly fee by referring others).

• If you insist on perfection before launching anything (which is a recipe for failure), then you won’t be happy because we go with “good enough” to build momentum and success.

• If creating a Word document is a frustrating experience and you aren’t sure how to do it, you may have a tough time creating interesting articles or videos for your blog readers to consume because setting up the site is about as difficult as creating a Word document.

• Lastly, if you like to complain or blame others for lack of success more than you like to work, you might be frustrated because we are positive people who want to help others. There may be other groups you might like to join.

We really want to work with ladies who are serious about growing their business who understand it takes diligence and persistence to get anywhere in life. Those are the people we want to really help.

Here Is All You Get When You Invest In My Unique Starter System.

It all starts with your own website. For now, we offer one template that you can learn on. Later, after you’ve learned on your first website, you will have an opportunity to change to other templates.

Your site will be on a network of websites. What this means is we can offer a special marketing features at a very low price:
✓ WordPress Blog Platform – Google loves WordPress sites because they are structured how Google wants them to be, helping you with search engine optimization.

✓ Your Domain Name pointing to your website. When you first sign up you website will be, but once we change your domain name server, your site will be or

✓ Make your blog look how you want it to look. We will provide videos on how to set up your website, how to point it to your Younique join and shop pages.

✓ A newsletter system that allows you to create special groups to communicate with. You can create prospect, client, and circle lists and send specially designed newsletters to them on a regular basis.

✓ A name and email capture system which allows you to capture lead information from visitors and send them information via your newsletter system. Each lead capture form can be attached to a specific customer list, making it easy to organize.

✓ An email capture pop up tool that lets you design special lead capture forms to grow your list. You can also add the form to each page or post you create.

✓ Access to 40 How To Videos to help you understand how to do specific things with your website, such as how to create a blog post, how to add pictures, how to add things to a menu and much, much more.

Are You Ready Brand Yourself?

We really wanted to make this a no-brainer and to provide this service at a low monthly price. While we have seen others charging $997 for set up and $300 per month in other networks, we know this would be cost prohibitive for most anybody just starting out with Younique.™

You won’t have to pay anywhere near this to have the same tools to take your marketing to the next level.

Our goal is really to make you an expert in internet marketing while growing your Younique™ business.

When you grow your business and have made it profitable and want a “fancier” website, then you can pay hundreds of dollars per month for special marketing tools like email marketing and lead pages.

Until then, use the My Unique Site Starter System and save a ton of money while learning from an expert in internet marketing.

So how much will you have to invest to join our network and gain access to your own personally branded website with email marketing tools?


$97 Set Up &
Only $17 Per Month (Hosting/Training)

We wanted to sweeten the deal for you. Once you become a member and experience how this makes things easy for you, you can tell others about it and make $20 per sale. If each new person coming into your organization joins, your hosting and training will be paid for!

Before You Decide … A Limited Time Offer

However, before you decide, we wanted to give you a few special gifts at no extra cost. These are guaranteed to save you so much time, and so much pain and they are all FREE with your purchase today.

A Prospect Recruitment Tool with our “Know Your Why” videos. When you create your first newsletter, we give you the script with links to share with your prospects and let them watch the videos at their own pace. You get their name and email to follow up with them and lead them to join your organization. This makes it easy to follow up with people right after parties – (Value $27 per month) – FREE

A license to use our Fast Start Training. As long as you are a member, you will have a link installed on your website where your new Circle Members can sign up to receive an email series with links to the training. Recruit, Train, Prosper. (Value – $69 Per Month) – FREE

My Unique Site Community Forum – This is where you have access to Glen, Gretchen and Ali, and a place to view updates, training, ask questions and more – (Value $99 Per Month) – FREE

Monthly Training Webinars where we give you internet marketing insider tricks, tips and techniques to help you use your website. Don’t worry if you can’t make it for the live training. The videos will be posted to the member area and accessible anytime – ($159 per month) – FREE

Forum Plug-In – Turn your new website into an information hub for your team – (Vale $29) FREE

Become An Affiliate Member – Tell your team about My Unique Site and make $20 per sale! This alone could pay your monthly hosting costs to My Unique Site! Every member you get with our Prospect Recruitment tool, you can make a sale and profit even more. We pay monthly right into your Paypal account.

Savings of $383 Per Month In Free Tools

We’ve Done All The Work For You.

We’ve given you everything you need to be successful with your business at a low monthly price – this is more than just a website. This is a website with muscle to help you save time in everything you do – Recruit, Train, Sell.

Now all you have to do to get started today is click on the button below, invest in yourself, and get started with your very own personally branded website that will create hours of free time in your week.

This Is A No Brainer For Serious Presenters

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30daymoneybackThe benefits to having your own personally branded website are huge. Even if you stop selling Younique™ someday, you might want to try selling something else. You will already have a website with your name and picture on it and all the customers you have created while selling Younique. Not only that, you will have special knowledge on how to use the internet to make money.

However, you might not want to have your own personally branded website. If you sign up and decide within 30 days you don’t want to be part of the My Unique Site Community. We will gladly refund the $97 set up fee with no questions asked. We will simply delete your website, Fast Start Training license, and recruiting tool with a friendly hug and good wishes for future success.

We take all the risk because we know this will help you become a better leader, look more professional, and give you the ability to save precious time while setting yourself apart from the crowd.

Ready To Get Going?

Click On The Button Below For

$97 Set Up & $17 Hosting/Training


All The Best,


Gretchen Trubee

P.S. Remember, now you can start working on your business more than you work in your business. We are providing the tools, the know how, and the community to take you to the next level of business at an extremely affordable price. Now you can become the true leader you were designed to be and communicate with your potential team members, customers and team members simply and affordably.

P.P. S. We take all the risk. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply let us know within the first 30 days, and we will gladly refund your money with no questions asked.